More than just beautiful graphs, forecasts and dashboards


Our simple, easy to use, business solution will help you monitor client performance, save time & create opportunities to deliver more strategic & advisory services

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Why choose businest®?

  • Identify which clients need your help today
  • Build stronger relationships by providing advice and coaching your clients can understand & implement
  • Ensure your clients have the support, expert advice and coaching they need to fix problems in every aspect of their business
  • Focus more on strategic planning and less on managing spreadsheets, forecasts and what if analysis
  • step-by-step training to help you make the shift to advisory! Earn CPD/CPE and master the soft skills required to communicate better, get leverage, and influence your clients to take action

How businest® works

  • Save time

    Automated data input, dashboards, key performance indicators, & forecasting

  • Leverage

    Client can clearly see where cash is trapped and the impact of continuing to ignore the problem

  • Accountability

    Business owner is empowered to take action to fix problems

  • Amplify focus

    Frees you up to provide more advisory services and strategic support

  • Profitable growth

    Videos, webinars, case studies, articles & templates specific to your client's unique numbers and opportunities

  • Increase productivity

    Help your client see the impact of every decision before he/she makes it

Connect businest®
to Xero

Replace spreadsheets, forecasts, guesswork and sleepless nights with peace of mind knowing how to grow safely and put more cash in to your bank account

  • Automatic data upload
  • Forecasting and 'What If?' tools
  • Step-by-step business coaching to fix problems

Getting started is easy!

  • Login to businest® as a Partner with your PC, Mac or iPad
  • Invite your clients to join businest® - they may select the plan that suits them best
  • Clients will accept your invitation and authorize connection to Xero so that their financial data can be automatically imported. Reports, dashboards, key performance indicators and forecasts will be created automatically in real-time
  • Your clients will immediately receive expert tips, strategies, coaching and training online that are specific to their numbers and unique cash flow position. Businest® will identify the 2-3 areas of focus that will produce the biggest impact to results each month
  • Your clients may review videos, webinars, articles and templates when it is convenient for them. You can review your client's dashboards, forecasts and coaching tips at any time
  • Use the businest® software to create opportunities to meet with your clients to offer support, set targets, track their progress, and provide strategic support or advisory services. Use the forecasts and "what if" tools to help your clients see the impact of decisions before they make them

What is Xero?

Xero is an easy to use online accounting software thats designed specifically for small businesses.

  • It’s all online, so you can work when and where you want to. Just login with your PC, Mac or mobile.
  • Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cashflow in real-time.
  • Invite your team and work together on financials. You can collaborate over your up-to-date numbers.
  • Xero has all you need to run your business - including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.

What our customers are saying.

  • I work in business turnarounds, taking failing SMEs and helping them to return to profitability and success. Businest® is a great tool to assist my clients. My clients who are on the app get fantastic insight into exactly where they are at from a cash perspective and most importantly what they can do to actually improve their situations quickly and in a meaningful way. While businest® provides useful charts and graphs, the power is in the information it provides you on which levers to actually pull to improve the businesses cash position. I don't know anything else like it on the market.

    Kane Hooper

    I recommend businest® to all my clients. It provides an accurate assessment of their financial status and is packed with relevant information and useful tips. Businest® helps my clients to focus on what needs to be done this month to have the biggest impact on profit and cash flow and to clearly see the changes they need to make to achieve their goals.

    Justin Steer

  • Genius has been described as the ability to take something complicated and make it simple - well that is exactly what businest® does! The entire process of connecting, using and understanding businest® is simple, but very effective. I love the deep education that is inbuilt into the system, it helps you understand the flow of cash in business and the drivers that impact it. Businest® takes something that was previously mystical and the domain of experts and empowers business owners, operators and their advisors with a solution to the age old question of "show me where the money has been used in the business?". Businest teaches you principles and techniques to solve the very real challenges that business and advisors face every day. I love the forecasting, what if & Quick Wins tab - the options help you work out how to free up more money in your business. Businest makes cash flow fun. 

    Clayton Oates

    I found this app very easy to use. It was able to match to the chart of accounts with ease, download the data quickly and then with a few clicks produce practical what if scenarios - which allow for a discussion on where a business could be heading and how that journey could be made more easily and with confidence.

    Sam Rotberg

  • We are a QBO Pro Advisor firm based on the Gold Coast. We are 100% cloud based and continuously looking for innovative cloud based solutions to assist our clients to grow their businesses. We have found that a major concern for small business owners was not knowing how their business was tracking in terms of cash flow on the regular basis. Owners would find out the issues in their business after too much damage has been done, usually at tax time. This app is simple and straight to the point and is perfect for clients who want to understand their business in a way that any business owner can comprehend. Highly recommended.

    Reuben Bergola 

    I've found businest® to be an amazingly easy to use, comprehensive, holistic business development tool. In my business, my focus is on the specifics of how the results are being generated. Businest® allows me the visibility I need to be able to get mine and my client businesses to where they MUST be.

    Chris Steely

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